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Scranton KFT has a great reputation both on and offline for providing excellent service and is trusted by many locals and internationals.

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Efficiency is our main priority here at Scranton KFT and our customer service is unbeatable when it comes to trading Scrap.


  • Best prices paid
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  • Smart eco-friendly recycling process

We at Scranton KFT are dedicated to providing the finest quality at all times

Virgin Resin / Granules scrap

Scranton KFT source to the world’s polymer necessities for prime, near prime, off-spec, off grade, recycled resin. We have bulk material handling capability and can handle 150-200 MT of bulk material on a daily basis depending upon the packing need. Separately from the prime and near-prime materials, we handle all type of granules coming out of polymerization plants like;  plant sweeps, blow down powders, reactor powders, lumps etc.

Virgin Plastic Resin Materials As expert industrial plastic recyclers, we have developed specialized equipment that maximizes savings by efficiently transforming plastic scrap into a valuable resource that can be diverted to end-users.

  • PP
  • HDPE Regrind
  • PET
  • HDPE
  • LDPE

HDPE Blue Drum Regrinds

Hot Washed PET Bottle Flakes

PVC Window Profile Regrind Scrap

PVC Soft Tube Medical Grade Scrap

PET Preform Bottle Scrap

PVC Pipe Regrind Scrap

Copper Wire Scrap

Aluminum UBC Scrap

PU Foam Scrap


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