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Plastic Scrap/ Plastic Scrap Regrinds

Scranton KFT has a great reputation both on and offline for providing excellent service and is trusted by many locals and internationals.

What We Do


Efficiency is our main priority here at Scranton KFT and our customer service is unbeatable when it comes to trading Scrap.


  • Best prices paid
  • Professional service
  • Quick and efficient service
  • Smart eco-friendly recycling process

Scranton KFT recycles, sorts, grinds, and compounds a multitude of plastics.

Plastic Scrap/ Plastic Scrap Regrinds

Scranton KFT well-known exporter and suppliers of plastic Scraps. As expert plastic recyclers, we can help you maximize savings by effectively transforming plastic scrap into a new and valuable resource. We buy plastics nationwide and offer custom solutions to a diversity of industries. We sell a wide variety of plastic scrap, but primarily if you are looking for HDPE, PVC, LDPE and PP Rigid Plastic Scrap.

The value we provide doesn’t end with our industry-leading payouts. We can equip your operation with the roll-off containers, dump trailers, push out trailers and flatbeds needed to create a profitable relationship. We can also provide smaller containers to handle your every need.

  • PVC Window Scrap
  • PVC Pipe Scrap
  • PP Regrind Scrap
  • PP Car Bumper Scrap
  • Plastic Roll Scrap
  • EPS Block Scrap
  • Butyl Rubber Tube Scrap
  • Used Conveyor Belts
  • PU Foam Scrap
  • Rebonded Foam
  • BOPP Film Scrap
  • PMMA Scrap (Acrylic)
  • ABS Plastic Scrap
  • Polycarbonate Scrap
  • HIPS Cup Scrap
  • HDPE Mix Bottle Scrap
  • HDPE Mix Bottle Scrap Regrind
  • HDPE Blue Drum Scrap
  • HDPE Blue Drum Scrap Regrind
  • HDPE Milk Bottle Scrap
  • HDPE Milk Bottle Scrap Regrind)
  • LDPE Film Scrap ( LDPE Film Scrap in Bales, LDPE Film Scrap in Rolls)
  • XLPE Cross Link Cables Scrap
  • PVC Scrap: (PVC Cable Scrap, PVC Cable Scrap Regrind,

HDPE Blue Drum Regrinds

Hot Washed PET Bottle Flakes

PVC Window Profile Regrind Scrap

PVC Soft Tube Medical Grade Scrap

PET Preform Bottle Scrap

PVC Pipe Regrind Scrap

Copper Wire Scrap

Aluminum UBC Scrap

PU Foam Scrap

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Budapest, Illyés Gyula utca, 1152 Hungary

+36 209 580 371