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Ferrous Metals

Scranton KFT has a great reputation both on and offline for providing excellent service and is trusted by many locals and internationals.

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Efficiency is our main priority here at Scranton KFT and our customer service is unbeatable when it comes to trading Scrap.


Customers have rated our service as excellent and would recommend us to others due to our customer service and efficiency.

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Ferrous Metals

Whether you are one of our many tradesmen, municipality or our manufacturing accounts, you will be treated like family with competitive prices, honesty and service that is second to none. You will be serviced from a team with over 100 years of combined scrap metal recycling experience. With our consistently high levels of integrity, we stand out in the industry with our advanced recycling and processing solutions.

We offer ferrous metal scrap to commercial and domestic customers worldwide, Whatever the type or amount of scrap metal that you have, our expert team practice scrap metal recycling in a safe and non-hazardous manner, to make it easy and convenient for our customer.

  • Plate & Girder Scrap: ISRI Spec – 232
  • HMS 1&2 (80/20): ISRI Spec – 202/203
  • Used Rails: ISRI R50-R65
  • Shredded Steel: ISR Spec – 210/211
  • Steel Turnings: ISRI Spec – 219/221
  • Compressed Steel Sheets
  • Steel Cans: ISRI Spec – 213
  • Cast Iron: ISRI Spec – 252
  • Cast Iron/Iron

HDPE Blue Drum Regrinds

Hot Washed PET Bottle Flakes

PVC Window Profile Regrind Scrap

PVC Soft Tube Medical Grade Scrap

PET Preform Bottle Scrap

PVC Pipe Regrind Scrap

Copper Wire Scrap

Aluminum UBC Scrap

PU Foam Scrap


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