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Leaders in metal and plastic scrap nationwide.

Scranton KFT has a great reputation both on and offline for providing excellent service and is trusted by many locals and internationals.

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Efficiency is our main priority here at Scranton KFT and our customer service is unbeatable when it comes to trading Scrap.


Customers have rated our service as excellent and would recommend us to others due to our customer service and efficiency.

About Scranton KFT

Since 2005, Scranton KFT has been an industry leader in buying, processing, and selling all Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals and Plastic Scraps. In both local and international markets, Scranton KFT globally manages over 300 million pounds of non-ferrous metals every year. Whether it is a retail business from the general public and local contractors or large industrial accounts, we have the ability to handle all customers, big and small.

Quality Control is a key component to make a reliable product. Our vertical integration and our fully owned manufacturing facilities employing highly skilled personnel along with strong investment in the most advanced tooling machines are the best guarantees for a customer to have a reliable product.

Having been around since 2005, we have learned many things along our journey.  We are honored to be part of the community our facilities are located in! Also, we are constantly looking for more ways to help make recycling easier, more rewarding, and help our partners.

Continuous improvement and development represent a corporate strategy of Scranton KFT – Best Scrap Dealers, We are appreciated by our suppliers of raw materials and purchasers as reliable and responsible partners. Therefore, we do our best to preserve our good reputation by posing higher and higher requirements for ourselves on a continuous basis and seeking to achieve even better results. We purposefully strive to establish ourselves in the market as a leader of trade in raw materials in the region through hard and effective work, the constant search for new cooperation opportunities and by offering the best ratio between quality and price.

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“Our core values are very important, integrity being the first one. From our largest manufacturing customer to our smallest peddler supplier…from our senior executives to our yard laborers; we share a common commitment to doing the right thing.

We are very proud of our long-standing trade relationships where mutual trust and confidence have built ever stronger over the years. We are in business for the long pull, and our reputation for straight forward dealing is one of our cherished assets.”

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Budapest, Illyés Gyula utca, 1152 Hungary

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